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Amaphaneli we-aluminium foam asindisa amandla kagesi asetshenziswa kwezempi nezomphakathi

Indawo Origin:Isifundazwe saseJiangsu, eChina
Igama Brand:PHELA
Okufakiwe Yokuxhumana:Icala lePlywood
Delivery Isikhathi:15-20 izinsuku zokusebenza
Inkokhelo Imigomo:T / T, L / C
Supply Amandla:I-500 PCS / ngosuku
Product Incazelo

● Aluminum foam is an energy-saving and innovative porous metal material. Foam aluminum is 4-8 times the Physical quantities of traditional aluminum profiles, which can efficiently save noon-ferrous metal resources and rationalize utilization.

● Foam aluminum is widely used in aerospace, aviation, weaponry, high-speed train, urban rail trains, shipbuilding, new energy vehicles, high-speed rail, highways, and sound barriers along tunnels.


● Foam aluminum is widely use in aerospace, aviation, weaponry, high-speed train, urban rail train, shipbuilding, new energy vehicles, high-speed rail, highways, and sound barriers along tunnels.

Competitive Advantage

● Has more than ten times the impact strength of solid deck

● Attenuate explosion shock wave by more than 70%

● The explosion-proof density is small, which is conducive to reducing the weight of military equipment.

Izici ProductLightweight CharacteristicsDensity:0.25g/cm³~0.70g/cm³
Ukumuncwa komsindoExcellent sound absorption performance,the sound absorption rate can reach 60%to 90%.
Corrosion   ResistanceNo abnormality in spraying salt spray test for 2 years
Non-arthroscopicThe moisture absorption of aluminum foam is 0.0%
Non-combustibilityClass A combustion performance
Ukufakwa kwe-ThermalThermal conductivity is 0.25~0.62W/ m.K
Thermal StabilityCoefficient of linear expansion is 1.934*10℃,difficult to deform under
Electromagnetic ShieldingElectromagnetic Shielding(below 200MHz) shielding electromagnetic screen 90dB
Izakhiwo zomzimbaIzakhiwo mechanicalCompressor strength:3-17  MPa; Bending strength;3-15 MPa;Tensile strength;2-7 MPa;
Cushioning PropertiesEnergy absorption up to 8-30 J/cm3,
excellent shock-absorbing material
Damping PropertiesThe internal wear factor Q-1 reaches 6 x 10-3
Processing PropertiesCould be sawed, cut, planned, milled, etc, easy to be processed into plates, bars, rods and various shaped parts.
Ubungani bemveloNon-toxic, recyclable and will not cause any pollution to the environment.