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Alẹmọlẹ Iyọ Ilẹ Aluminiomu

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Ẹsẹ amuni apo amọ oyinbo, fun rampu ilẹkun ọkọ oju irin, ọkọ oju irin oju irin, awọn panẹli ti o fẹlẹ dalẹ

Ibi ti Oti:China
Brand Name:OWO
Apoti alaye:Ọdun ibọn
Akoko Ifijiṣẹ:Around 15 Workdays
Owo ofin:T / T,L / C
Ipese Agbara:2000 Square Meter/Square Meters per Day

Ọja Apejuwe

Awọn alaye ni kikun

The panel is made of a checkered aluminum sheet on the top skin for anti slip purpose, and honeycomb core inside, the back skin is flat.


The panel is used for floors, to ensure good load capacity, recommended skin thickness is 2.5mm or 3.0mm, and the overall panel should be at least 25mm or 30mm.

If size is larger than standard size then the top skin need to be connected cause by now at the market the largest size of the checkered aluminum skin is 1220x2440mm, while back skin and honeycomb core can be a whole sheet.

ohun elo

● The checkered surface honeycomb board is always used for floors such as vehicle floors, marine floors and stage floors.

ifigagbaga Anfani

● Use temperatures up to 350c°

● High thermal conductivity

● Flame resistant

● Excellent moisture and corrosion resistance

● High strength-to-weight ratio

● Good flatness

● Excellent bonding strength

● Corrosion resistant

● BEECORE Honeycomb Composite Panel manufactured by Jiangsu Beecore in Taizhou obtained certification to Bonding Standard DIN 6701 A2, the accreditation for the use of adhesive bonding in the manufacture of rail vehicles and parts of rail vehicles.

ni pato
Thickness of aluminum sheet0.5-1mm tabi ti adani
Honeycomb panel thickness2-15 mm
Iwọn nronu1220mm Max
Panel length2440mm Max
AwọNatural, White or as requested
Aye pari Anti Slip