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Shift, ichki devor va taxtalar uchun alyuminiy gofrirovka qilingan kompozit panel

Kelib o'rni: Jiangsu viloyati, Xitoy
Tovar nomi: BEECORE
Qadoqlash Tafsilotlar: Kontrplak qopqog'i
Yetkazish vaqti: Taxminan 15 ish kuni
To'lov shartlari: T / T, L / V
Mahsulot tavsifi

● It is a kind of aluminum composite panel made of aluminum sheet as the skin and corrugated aluminum as the core, through composition technology. The backing sheet can be selected from various kinds of materials depending on the specific application or can be even absent. The panel has the properties of super flatness and small drop deflection over large size panel.


● Wall panels, Interior decoration, ceiling, etc

raqobat afzalligi

● Stable, firm and durable adhesive property

● Energy saving and environmental protection

● Sound insulation and noise damping

● Light weight and economical in cost

● Easy cleaning, corrosion-resistant, durable and unchangeable color

● Easy install