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Kaliperni kengaytirish mashinasi (BHM- EM-CA2200)

Mahsulot tavsifi

Main features of the expanding machine (Description)

● Body color: 9003 white. Other color can also be customized according to customer requirements.

● The frame is made of Q235 steel integrally welded or bolted, which is firm and reliabe, and is stressed after welding to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the frame. The remaining parts are finished by machining center.

● The  sliding guideway assembly adopts Taiwan HIWIN and runs smoothly.

● The device adopts caliper type stretching head , which can smoothly stretch for high density small cell honeycomb.

● The stretching  speed is adjustable.

● The stretech length can be set.

Functional Show

Texnik xususiyatlari
Expanding system
Automatic caliper type
Max unexpanded widthmm2200
Max expanded widthmm1650
Max expanded lengthmm4000 after rebound
Expanded thicknessmm1-30
Max expand speedm / min0-10
Umumiy quvvatKW1.5
Chastotani o'zgartiruvchiKW1.5
o'lchashmm5000 * 2800 * 1500
vazn kg
Apply side lengthmm4
KuchlanishV/Hz380 / 50
Motor(from TW)
Talab sifatida 
Pull rod