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Poureurethane Computite isku-darka taxanaha ah

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Dhaqaalaha PU dhejiya J3002 ee walxaha isku-dhafan

Iyo meesha Asal ahaan:Shiinaha
Magaca Brand:QARAXII
Details Baako:Caag caag ah
Waqtiga dirida:Qiyaastii 15 maalmaha shaqada
Shuruudaha Payment:T / T, L / C
Supply Kartida:10 Ton / Konton Maalintii

Product Description

Faahfaahin Degdeg ah

● BEECORE J3002 is the special two-component PU adhesive for railway.


● J3002 is a two-component polyurethane structural adhesive, component A is mainly composed of a variety of polyols, adhesion enhancers and fillers, the appearance is a white to light beige viscous fluid, and has a certain thixotropy; component B is mainly polymerization MD I is a dark brown transparent liquid.


● The adhesive is mainly used for bonding various types of sandwich composite panels such as aluminum (paper, aramid) honeycomb panels, corrugated panels, clean panels, thermal insulation decorative panels, furniture cabinet panels, ecological panels (melamine panels), sandwich composite doors, etc. It can be used for composite bonding of various metal, wood, porcelain, polished tiles, stone, glass, ABS plastic and other decorative materials.

Advantage tartanka

● Cost-effective

● Good constructability

● Wate-tolerant

● High temperature prevention

● High bonding strength

Technical Parameters ( tested under 20-25°C)
ShaygaQeybta AQeybta BAfter Mixing
Colorwhite to light beigebunni madowoff-white
Cufnaanta (g / cm3)1.64 ± 0.051.21 ± 0.051.52 ± 0.05
StateFluid slightly thixotropicLiquidFluid slightly thixotropic
Mixing ratio5: 01
After Mixing
Work lifeMiinada 25-30
Recommended operating timewithin 35mins (from mixing to finishing)
Temp Range for application5-35 ° C,65% qoyaan
Initial Bonding5-8 hours at 25°C / 60mins at 60°C
Time to reach full cure5-7 days under room temperature / 24 hours at 60°C keep 60mins
Shearing Strength11-13MPa (60mins at 60°C or 3 days at 25°C)
VOC TestAccord with GB18538 /TB3139