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Dabayl yar oo u adkaysata jajabinta hufan ee aluminium aluminium shaashadda shaashadda ah

Iyo meesha Asal ahaan:Gobolka Jiangsu, Shiinaha
Magaca Brand:QARAXII
Details Baako:Kiiska aqalka
Waqtiga dirida:15-20 maalmood oo shaqo
Shuruudaha Payment:T / T, L / C
Supply Kartida:500 PCS / maalintii
Product Description

● This product uses the aluminum honeycomb core made by our company as the base material, the structural strength is generally higher than the industry level, to ensure the strength of the product in the process of use; At the same time, the honeycomb structure can effectively reduce the wind resistance and increase the contact time between the exhaust gas and the reaction medium. The coating material of our company is titanium dioxide of high quality. After the improvement of the company's unique formula, the photocatalytic effect of titanium dioxide is better. At last, the company will separately arrange the special photocatalytic stock liquid combined with the use of titanium dioxide coating, so that the effect of the company's products can reach the leading level in the industry.


● Low wind resistance, high efficiency decomposition, no dust, coating thickness, no odor, custom size, custom frame

Advantage tartanka

● Coating thickness

● High efficiency decomposition

● No dust

● No odor

● Custom size

● Custom frame


● External dimensions: 500mm*500mm*10mm

● Honeycomb cell size: side length 2mm