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5mm super manankarena ambony matevina laser TV backboard aluminium tantely vita amin'ny tantely

Toerana niaviany: Faritanin'i Jiangsu, Sina
Brand Name: BEECORE
Packaging Details: Tranga plywood
Ora nanomezana: 15-20 andro fiasana
Payment Terms: T / T, L / C
Supply Fahaiza-: 500 PCS / isan'andro
Mombamomba ny vokatra

● Laser television/projection screen is made of 5mm super thin aluminum honeycomb panel. The surface is PVDF coated in white color or black color. Compared with traditional soft screen, aluminum honeycomb panel screen is flat, no pits, and more clear.


● Electronic product

Competitive Advantage

● Fire prevention, aluminum plate is non combustible material.

● Corrosion resistance, aluminum honeycomb panel surface is treated by PVDF, and has strong corrosion resistance.

● Environmental protection, honeycomb board belongs to aluminum without any harmful gas to human body, no radioactivity, and can be fully recycled, 100% of environmental friendly products.

● The aluminum honeycomb panel is easy to be dismantled and assembled without damaging the plate. Because of its light weight, it can be transported to different places and reused many times.

fepetra arahana
Surface panel Alunminum plate
surface fitsaboana PVDF
Color White, mainty
Core Inti vita amin'ny tantely aluminium
hateviny 3mm, 5mm
lafiny 75’’,80’’,88’’,100’’,120’’
Other specification could also be customized