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Fitaovana maoderina miendrika akora vita amin'ny karbona vita amin'ny solomaso

Toerana niaviany: Shina
Brand Name: BEECORE
Packaging Details: Tranga plywood
Ora nanomezana: Around 15 workdays
Payment Terms: T / T, L / C

Mombamomba ny vokatra

● BEECORE Carbon fiber honeycomb panels are the solution when you need a material that's exceptionally rigid, strong and light weight. The outside is faced with carbon fiber sheets in your choice of thickness 0.5mm -1.0mm, the core can be both nomex honeycomb core and aluminum honeycomb core.

● Custom panels are available in other sizes and thickness.


● Medical, automotive, industrial, sports, etc

Competitive Advantage

● Super light and high strength, anti-fatigue

● Excellent environment adaptability and electric insulating

● Outstanding corrosion resistance and flame resistance

● Easy processing

fepetra arahana

● 500x500mm, 1000x1000mm or customized