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Epoxy composita Edition Series STYPTICUS

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Alta agmen cursu ad epoxy tenaces GT1111

Locus Origin: Sinis
Notam nomen: BEECORE
Packaging Details: plastic dolium proiiceretur
Tempus adferendi: Circiter XV operosi fes
Pensio conditio: T / T, L / C
Facultates copiam: C l'/ per diem Tons

depictio producti

Velox Detail

● BEECORE Epoxy Adhesive GT1111 is a two-component, room temperature curing, high performance structural adhesive. It's applied for high speed train. It has high bond strength, shear strength and no liquid dropping. No peculiar smell and adverse effects to the environment and users.


● GT1111 modified epoxy compound adhesive is a high-performance two-component solvent-free structural adhesive, free of formaldehyde and benzene, safe and environmentally friendly. Because it is obtained by modifying epoxy resin, it has excellent toughness, high adhesion strength, long construction time, easy to scrape glue, impact resistance, high and low temperature freeze-thaw cycle aging, high temperature aging resistance , Resistance to heat and humidity aging, acid and alkali corrosion resistance and many other advantages. The main agent (A) and the curing agent (B) are mixed and used according to the weight ratio A:B=2:1.


● This adhesive is mainly used for the bonding of honeycomb board, corrugated board products, etc., and can also be used for composite bonding of all kinds of metals, wood, chips, polished tiles, stone, MgO plate and so on. This product is easy to use, has high bonding strength after complete curing, good compression resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

competitive Italiae Commodum Collegit

● High viribus compagem

● Good compression resistance

● Corrosion resistance

● Aging resistance


Aut humilis temperatus in in CELLA ● Si locus, tempus non excedunt magis 6-12 menses.

Prouenientes debet esse ● stocked in sicco, frigido loco et iactare in pluteo vitae est, unus annus non potest permanere ad uti test, si est ok.

● hoc productum productum est communi periculo, non ad evacuandam custodiri ab igne calorem fontem, et super imbrem ne sunning sonipes loading faciunt et declinate ab impulsum, invertendo erit volumine etc.