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Aluminium Honeycomb Panel

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Aluminium Welded favum redundantem panel ad Railway, militum, natantes oleum laminam

Locus Origin:Suzhou, Jiangsu provinciae, Sinis
Notam nomen:BEECORE
Packaging Details:Case Aluminium
Tempus adferendi:7-15 operosi fes
Pensio conditio:T / T, L / C, PayPal
Facultates copiam:M per diem PCS
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● BEECORE welded honeycomb panel has the advantages of light weight and high strength, high temperature and fire resistance, no cracking, optional and easy to install etc. It is widely used in rail transportation, new energy vehicle, military, petrochemical, and ship and furniture industry.


● Rail Transportation Industry

● New Energy Vehicle Industry

● Military Industry

● Petrochemical Industry

● Ship Industry

● Furniture Cabinet

competitive Italiae Commodum Collegit

● Light weight and high strength

● High temperature resistance, no cracking

● Optional and easy to install

● Class A1 fire resistance

● Surface high temperature spraying

● Green environmental protection

● BEECORE Honeycomb Composite Panel manufactured by Jiangsu Beecore in Taizhou obtained certification to Bonding Standard DIN 6701 A2, the accreditation for the use of adhesive bonding in the manufacture of rail vehicles and parts of rail vehicles.

Technical data Sheet
1Bending strength TestGB / T1455 2005,155MPa
2Flat compressive strength TestGB / T1453 2005,5.09MPa
3Flat tensile strength TestGB / T1452 2005,8.29MPa
4Roller peeling strength TestGB / T1457 2005,231(N·mm)/mm
5Fatigue resistance TestLoad 0.3-3.6KN, frequency 10Hz, span 236mm, 3 million timesNemo damnum
6Sound insulation TestISO10140-2;201028dB
7Thermal conductivity TestGB / T13475 2008,4.8W/(m2·K)
8Falling ball impact Test At a distance of 2meters above the sample, a steel ball with a diameter of 50mm and a mass of 500g falls freely, and the depression depth is measured after half an hourProfundum<0.5mm
9Fire resistance TestBS EN1363-1;2012When burning for 46minutes, there is no cracking, collapse, damage, flame flaring and other phenomena on the back surface of the sample, and the specimen remains intact
10160h neutral salt spray testISO9227 1990,Profundum<0.5mm