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Aluminium Honeycomb Panel

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Bus ostium panel de anti lapsus invocaverimus te aggerem et dabis Railway, navis Tabulatum tabulata

Locus Origin: Sinis
Notam nomen: BEECORE
Packaging Details: si Aluminium
Tempus adferendi: Circiter XV operosi fes
Pensio conditio: T / T,L / C
Facultates copiam: Square Meter MM / quadratum metris per diem

depictio producti

Velox Detail

The panel is made of a checkered aluminum sheet on the top skin for anti slip purpose, and honeycomb core inside, the back skin is flat.


The panel is used for floors, to ensure good load capacity, recommended skin thickness is 2.5mm or 3.0mm, and the overall panel should be at least 25mm or 30mm.

If size is larger than standard size then the top skin need to be connected cause by now at the market the largest size of the checkered aluminum skin is 1220x2440mm, while back skin and honeycomb core can be a whole sheet.


● The checkered surface honeycomb board is always used for floors such as vehicle floors, marine floors and stage floors.

competitive Italiae Commodum Collegit

● Use temperatures up to 350c°

● High scelerisque conductivity

● flamma repugnans

● Excellent moisture and corrosion resistance

● High strength-to-weight ratio

● Good flatness

● Excellent bonding strength

● Corrosion resistant

● BEECORE Honeycomb composita Online fabrica per Jiangsu Beecore certification adeptus est in Taizhou Bonding Latin Signa (VI)DCCI a6701, accreditation ad uti in in fabricare de tenaces vinculi et partium plenas blasphemiæ vehicles vehicles inpagis constituantur.

Crassitudine sheet aluminium 0.5-1mm sive nativus
Crassitudine panel favum redundantem 2 15 mm,
width panel Max 1220mm
longitudo panel Max 2440mm
Color Naturalis, seu postulantibus Alba
superficiem consummavi  labi anti