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Compound hot pressing machine (Panel)

Locus Origin: Jiangsu provinciae, Sinis
Notam nomen: BEECORE
Packaging Details: si Aluminium
Tempus adferendi: 15, 30 working days
Pensio conditio: T / T, L / C

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● Mainly used for hot press forming of aluminum honeycomb panels.

● Mainly composed of fuselage, pressure plate, hydraulic system, heating system and electrical parts.

● The fuselage: welded by profiles and steel plates to ensure that the fuselage has sufficient strength.

● Pressure plate: the pressure plate is solid plate, the oil path in the plate is processed by deep hole drilling, with good leakproof and pressure resistance performance.

● Hydraulic system: the hydraulic system consists of a fuel tank, an oil pump, a plurality of hydraulic valves and a cylinder.

● Heating system: the heating system consists of a heat transfer oil tank, an electric heating tube, a hot oil pump and a fuel pipe.

● Electrical part consists of main circuit and control circuit.

competitive Italiae Commodum Collegit

● High bonding efficiency

● Low running resistance

● No deformation

● Uniform temperature

Functional Show

Description Unit BHM-CH-A100T
maximum pressura T 100
Number of work layer stratum 4-8
Hot plate spacing mm 150
panel magnitudine mm * 2440 1220
Calidum laminam magnitudine mm * * 2600 1300 40
vim iudicium V / HZ 380 / 50
Diameter of Oil-cylinder*qty mm 100 * Φ8
The oil-cylinder stroke mm 600
Range of working temperature Room tem-200
potentiae installed kW 96
Heating method
Heat-transfer oil
Dimensions mm * * 3000 1400 2400
Pondus kg
intentione V / HZ 380 / 50