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Lorem pin genus expanding apparatus (BHM A2200-EM-)

depictio producti

Marisque dilatantur apparatus (Description)

● Body color : Blue and gray, you can also order other color according to customer requirement.

● e Q235 ferro in corpore integro seu iuncta fuit clausas fores cœnaculi, quae firma et reliabe et post illustraverat solutiora optulerunt adhibeatur cura de dimensional accuracy artus. Reliqua sunt media Machining finitur.

● The pins are made of imported mold steel, which is sturdy and durable.

● The sliding guideway assembly adopts Taiwan HIWIN and runs smoothly.

● The device can simultaneously satisfy the stretching of the honeycomb core with a pull ring and the common honeycomb core, and the pull ring needs to be bonded according to the position of the device pin.

● Extensio enim celeritas Populus Novifacta Quotidiana.

● The stretch length can be set.

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Description Unit BHM, EM-CA2200
ratio expanding
Automatic pin type
Max unexpanded width mm 2200
Max expanded width mm 1650
Carolus demum expansus mm (IV) post repercussu
crassitudine expanded mm 1-30
Expand celeritate max m / min 0-10
summa virtute KW 1.5
frequency inverter KW 1.5
ratio mm * * 5000 2200 1400
Pondus kg
Tandem trans locum mm 4
intentione V / HZ 380 / 50
Motricium (de TR)
ut petitio