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Lorem gluing apparatus (BHM-L-A600)

depictio producti

Marisque de gluing apparatus (Description)

● Unwinding constant tension control.

● Automatic rectification of the unwinding process of the gluing process.

● The floating roller can automatically adjust the synchronization function of the production line.

● The length of the production process can be corrected online.

● Automatic drying after applying glue.

● The coated material can be punched automatically.

● The working parameters can be pre-set before work, and the set parameters are automatically saved.

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Description Unit BHM-GP-A600
Ffoyle celeritas in gluing m / min 30
clibano caliditas oC CC-tem locus
Max gluten volumine width mm 600
Flexilis volumine width mm 600
Qui conglutinat testam volumine circum printing mm 480
Praecisione secante (iaculis tractus) mm ± 2
Length mm CCC - infinitus
latitudo mm 600 / 914
Ffoyle crassitudine range mm 0.035-0.2
amplitudo cell mm 3.2
potestatem kw 30
ratio mm / kg 8000*1200*2200/2000KG
intentione V / HZ 380 / 50