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Multiple units train FUXING, model CR300AF of CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd starts in Guizho

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This  morning (January 15),  multiple units FUXING train, model CR300AF of CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd started its route no. D2809 from Guiyang North Station and drove along Guiyang Guangzhou high speed railway to Guangzhou south.
This is the first time this type of train is officially put into operation in Guizhou.





New CR300AF is the youngest member of  FUXING family. CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd. independently developed train with standard speed 250 km/h under leadership of State Railway Group with completely independent intellectual property rights.
Because the coating "light blue background + Red Ribbon", it is lovely called  "Blue Fuxing", "Smurf" and "Blue Dragon" by railway fans.


After sales technicians of CRRC Sifang Co., Ltd. escorted the first train.


Nice appearance, high performance, intelligent core and higher environmental safety are the main highlights of the train. FUXING CR300AF adopts low resistance linear head shape and smooth body design, elegant lines and more energy-saving running. It has total length of 209 meters and equipped with 4 motors and 4 trailers (4 cars are powered and 4 cars are unpowered).

In the train deepen usage of spare parts with similar type and functions. System adjustment, lightweight design, implementation of energy saving and environmental protection technologies, basic costs of the train are reduced even more. Energy consumption, comfort, reliability, intelligence and environmental protection of the train reached international advanced level.


There are 48 first-class seats and 565 second-class seats in the car, with more spacious seats and more comfortable conditions during journey. Charging socket is under armrest of the seat. Charging port not only has two holes and three holes socket, but also has a USB interface. Seat adopts LED electronic display, which can be linked with ticketing system. It also  has sense of science and technology, WiFi can be connected automatically without password.


Fuxing CR300AF is the first trans-provincial EMU in Southwest China. The first train on the route D2809 stops at Longlibei, Sandu County, Congjiang, Guilin West, Gongcheng, Zhongshanxi, Hezhou, HuaJi, Foshan West and Guangzhou south, with total operation time of 5 hours and 35 minutes. Today Guizhou railway is equipped with 21 "Fuxing" CR300AF EMUs. After its debut in Guizhou,  "Smurfs" of Fuxing will be put into operation in Guiguang, Chenggui, Yugui, Anliu, southwest high-speed rail link and other lines, travel comfort of majority passengers will be further improved.