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Panel od saća od nehrđajućeg čelika

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SS304, SS316 kompozitne ploče saća za zidove i pregrade

Mjesto podrijetla: Kina
Brand Name: BEECORE
Pakiranje Detalji: Torba od šperploče
Vrijeme isporuke: Oko 15 radnih dana
Uvjeti plaćanja: T / T, L / C

Opis proizvoda

● Through several year’s research and testing, BEECORE has successfully launched stainless steel honeycomb composite panels and this product has received wide recognition from our customers group. Stainless steel composite panel consists of aluminum honeycomb as the core , and stainless steel sheet as the skins on both sides or one side, bonded through special glue. The panels are widely used in elevator decoration , high-end automobiles decoration, ship decoration , wall cladding and so on.


● High-rise buildings, exterior wall cladding, renovation for old buildings,  interior decoration , ceiling and raised floor.

Konkurentska prednost

● Weight reduction and strong

● Non-combustible

● Moisture-proof, non-deformed,dimensionally stable

● Corrosion resistance

Tehnički podaci

● 1220x2440mm or customized