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Barrachd stuthan

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304, 316 Cridhe meala stàilinn gun staoin airson stiùireadh tonn agus sgiath

Place of Origin: Roinn Jiangsu, Sìona
Brand Ainm: BEECORE
Fiosrachadh Pacaidh: Cùis plywood
Lìbhrigeadh Time: 15-20 làithean-obrach
Riaghailtean Pàigheadh: T / T, L / C
Solar Comas: 50 PCS / day
bathar Tuairisgeul

● The physical property of stainless steel honeycomb core is much better than aluminum honeycomb core, and it is anti-corrosion with longer service life. Generally it is used in the military field, and some EMI occasions. The surface could be tinning, nickel-plating, cadmium plating etc, for environmental protection.


● High Power Laser Cutting Machine Panel; Rectifier; Shielding & Ventilation Panel

Buannachd farpaiseach

● Shielding, ventilation and cooling

● Cooling tower in electric plant

● Machinery worktable for reducing the vibration and weight

● Automobile gas pipe to eliminate the noise

● High power laser cutting machine panel for high-temperature resistance

● Textile machine for wind uniformed, (especially for high speed wind)

Raw stuth 304, 316 stainless steel
Cell size ( mm) 1.6, 2.4, 3.2, 6.4, 8.2, or customized according to drawings
Normal dimension ( mm ) 60*60,120*120,300*300,600*600,1000*1000
Standard thickness ( mm ) 6.35,12.7,25.4,30,40,45 or customize
SS thickness ( mm ) 0.1,0.13,>0.15,1.2 etc
Surface leigheas Tin-plating, nickel-plating, chroming and galvanizing after oxidation treatment