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Sreath Adhesive Composite Epoxy

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Epicy adhesive F104 airson pannal meala alùmanum

Place of Origin: Sìona
Brand Ainm: BEECORE
Fiosrachadh Pacaidh: Buideal plastaig
Lìbhrigeadh Time: Timcheall air 15 latha-obrach
Riaghailtean Pàigheadh: T / T, L / C
Solar Comas: 10 Ton / Ton gach latha

bathar Tuairisgeul

Fiosrachadh mionaideach

● BEECORE Epoxy Adhesive F104 is a two-component, room temperature curing, high performance structural adhesive. It's applied for composited aluminum honeycomb panel. It has high bond strength, shear strength and no liquid dropping. No peculiar smell and adverse effects to the environment and users.


● Epoxy adhesive F104, it's made of toughening modified epoxy resin compounded with polymer materials. Thixotropic viscosity, non-sagging, longer pot life. The product has very obvious advantage of low temperature curing property.

● After cured, it has excellent properties of high strength, impact resistance, peeling resistance, mechanical and electric insulation properties.


● This product is mainly used for bonding and hanging the indoor stone, like directly bonding and hanging the marble & granite etc on the indoor wall or on the concrete wall with metal, also can be used for bonding the different materials like stone, metal, concrete, cement block, clay brick etc.

● Used for bonding oneself and mutual of metal, ceramic and foamed PVC board etc. where high impact strength and peeling strength resistance are required, such as train, shipbuilding, automobile engine assembly.

● Also it can be used for bonding of various composite material structural parts.

Buannachd farpaiseach

● High cost performance

● Neart àrd

● Water and high temperature resistant


● Should be put in warehouse or low temperature room, time better not exceed 6-12 months.

● The products should be stocked in the dry, ventilate and cool place, the shelf life is one year, can be continue using if the test is ok.

● This product is common dangerous product, have to be kept away with the fire, heat source, avoid the raining and sunning, slowing loading, and avoid impact, inversion, roll etc.


Main Technical Index

Teicneòlas togail

● Please make the composite panel to be polished and smooth, remove dirt, gravel, oil and other impurities and dried.

● Before using, please homogenize component A and B separately first, and full mix thoroughly following A: B = 2:1 ratio. Put the adhesive on the back panel, fractioning back and forth with knife, make the adhesive homogeneous distribution.