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Pannellu FRP Honeycomb

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Pannellu manuale FRP di lottuna per u corpu di camioni

Postu d 'Orighjini: China
Name Marca: PRECAU
Imballaggi Details: Plywood case
Time delivery: Circa 15 ghjorni di travagliu
Cunnizzioni Pudeti: T / T, L / C

Description Product

● FRP  honeycomb composite panel is made of high-quality FRP sheets and aluminum honeycomb core through special polyurethane/epoxy glue. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, high strength and light weight.

● FRP is flat and smooth, and can be made into various colors to enhance the overall sensory effect.

● Strong compression and impact resistance

● The core material is a honeycomb structure, which can improve the sound insulation effect of the product


● Truck body, yacht deck, Partition ,etc

Advantage competitiva

● Good compression and impact resistance

● Sound and heat insulation

● Resistenza eccezziunale è resistenza à a fiamma

quaternu di carichi

● 1220x2440mm or customized