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Pannellu FRP Honeycomb

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Fibra di vetro in alluminiu Honeycomb Panels For Stone Composite

Postu d 'Orighjini:China
Name Marca:PRECAU
Imballaggi Details:Plywood case
Time delivery:Circa 15 ghjorni lavorativi
Cunnizzioni Pudeti:T / T, L / C

Description Product

● Fiberglass honeycomb panel is a sandwich panel with a core in aluminum honeycomb faced with fiber glass impregnated with epoxy resin. This panel offers unique characteristics since it combines lightweight with high mechanical properties. The application of this panel for example permits huge savings as far as weight and thickness of the slabs of natural stones, such as marbles and granite and mosaics are concerned. In this way, also costs can be reduced.


● Stone reinforcement ,etc

Advantage competitiva

● Super light and high strength, anti-fatigue

● Excellent environment adaptability and electric insulating

● Outstanding corrosion resistance and flame resistance

quaternu di carichi

● 1220x2440mm or customized