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Pannellu Honeycomb in Aluminium

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Pane di pannelli in aluminiu anodizatu per pannelli ferroviari, autobus, pavimenti di navi

Postu d 'Orighjini:China
Name Marca:PRECAU
Imballaggi Details:Plywood case
Time delivery:Intornu 15 ghjorni feriali
Cunnizzioni Pudeti:T / T,L / C
Ability Ability:2000 Metre Square / Metre Square per Day

Description Product

Dettalamentu rapù

The aluminum honeycomb panel is composited of a honeycomb core sandwiched between two high tensile aluminum alloy sheets. These panels offer a higher strength-to-weight ratio than solid sheets, so they're often used as a lightweight alternative to solid aluminum.

Anodized aluminum honeycomb panels take anodized AI-Mg Alloy as front skin and corrosion coated aluminum sheet as back skin, inside is aluminum honeycomb cores. All alloy used is 3003 series industry aluminum alloy.


● Gas piping, cables, building materials, etc

● Curtain wall decoration for buildings where security is important, such as airport, hospital and research center

● Curtain wallboards for outside walls of normal buildings

● Renovations for old buildings and movable houses

● Reformation and decoration for indoor wall, ceiling, bathroom, kitchen and balcony

● Facades

● Billboards, exhibition desks and notice boards

● Wallboards and ceilings for tunnels

● Materials for industrial application, car and ship bodies

Advantage competitiva

● New, modern and beautiful building materials
Anodizing process is different from ordinary aluminum painting process. Anodizing process electrolyzing the conductive acid electrolyte through electric current to make the aluminum surface anodized and produce a dense protective oxide film. The oxide film is not additional like painting, it will not fall out.

● Safe, energy saving and recyclable
The anodized protective film is a kind of inorganic substance without any harmful articles. It is also non-combustible materials and 100% recyclable, so it is not safe to use but also energy saving.

● Easy to clean and maintain
The anodized aluminum honeycomb surface is anti-pollution and weather resistance. The special component of the oxide protective film makes the honeycomb panel surface free from dust and fingerprint.

● U pannellu compositu BEECORE Honeycomb fabbricatu da Jiangsu Beecore in Taizhou hà ottenutu a certificazione di Standard Bonding DIN 6701 A2, l'accreditazione per l'usu di adesivi aderenti in a fabricazione di veiculi ferroviari è di parti di i veiculi ferroviari.

quaternu di carichi
Spessore di u fogliu d'aluminiu0.5-1mm o persunalizati
Spessore di u pannellu di u mischju10-25mm o persunalizati
Larghezza di u pannellu1220mm, 1550mm o persunalizatu
Lunghezza di u pannellu2440mm o persunalizatu
ColorNaturali, bianchi o cum'è dumandati
A superficia finita Anodizing