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Linea di Produzione di Pannelli in Honeycomb in Aluminium

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Compound cold pressing machine (Panel)

Description Product

Features Main

● Mainly used for cold forming of aluminum honeycomb panels.

● Mainly composed of fuselage, pressure plate, hydraulic system and electrical parts.

● The fuselage: welded by profiles and steel plates to ensure that the fuselage has sufficient strength.

● Pressing plate: Made of solid plate and refined.

● Hydraulic system: Consist of a fuel tank, an oil pump, multiple hydraulic valves and cylinders.

● Electrical parts: Consist of the main circuit and the control circuit.

Advantage competitiva

● Good lamination

● Stable stroke

● Straight slot

● Not hurt the surface

Mostra Funziunale

quaternu di carichi
Prusse massimaT100
Numeru di capa di travagliuAnnunzio1
Taglia u pannellumm2440 * 1220
Working desk sizemm2600 * 1300
Prudutti di energiaV / Hz380 / 50
Diameter of Oil-cylinder*qtymmΦ100 * 8
The oil-cylinder strokemm1000
Potenza installatakW
Plate spacingmm1000
cunsideratemm* 3000 1300 3200