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Ang Micro-porous nga Aluminum nga pulot sa Core

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Min. cell size 0.69,0.87,1.04,1.39,1.73 Alu. honeycomb for filter, medical equipment

Dapit sa Sinugdanan: Lalawigan sa Jiangsu, China
Brand Ngalan: TINUOD nga
Details packaging: Plywood Case
Panahon sa Pagpadala: 7-15 adlaw sa trabaho
Termino pagbayad: T / T, L / C
Supply Abilidad: 5000 PCS matag adlaw
Product Description

● Beecore R&D Ultra-small Cell Micor- porous aluminum honeycomb core is made of multi layer foils with adhered together. Usually the side length is smaller than 3 mm. Beecore honeycomb has the advantages of regular hexagon shape, good mechanical properties, flat surface etc. It is good for high quality filters, mechanical industry, electrical appliance, and as well as other fields.


● Laser cutting machine panel, Air filter Photocatalyst carrier, RFI shielding, Transportation equipment industry

Kompetensyal nga Kaayohan

● Light weight

● High strength

● Super flatness

● Fire retardant

● Sound insulation

● Environment protection

paghingalan, pagtinagsa
paghingalan, pagtinagsa Side length (mm) Foil Thickness (mm) Densidad (kg / m³)
BHC3003-0.4-0.015L 0.4 0.015 137
BHC3003-0.5-0.015L 0.5 0.015 137
BHC3003-0.5-0.021L 0.021 190
BHC3003-0.6-0.015L 0.6 0.015 151
BHC3003-0.6-0.021L 0.021 158
BHC3003-0.8-0.021L 0.8 0.021 118
BHC3003-0.8-0.025L 0.025 144
BHC3003-0.8-0.03L 0.03 169
BHC3003-1-0.025L 1 0.025 115
BHC3003-1-0.03L 0.03 137
BHC3003-1-0.04L 0.04 183
Alloy Al3003, Al5052
Porma sa suplay Unexpanded (block, strip) or expanded(slice),