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Alüminium PETEK əsas istehsal xətti

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Avtomatik pin tipli genişləndirici maşın (BHM-EM-A2200)

Product Description

Main features of the expanding machine (Description)

● Body color : Blue and gray, you can also order other color according to customer requirement.

● The frame is made of Q235 steel integrally welded or bolted, which is firm and reliabe, and is stressed after welding to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the frame. The remaining parts are finished by machining center.

● The pins are made of imported mold steel, which is sturdy and durable.

● The sliding guideway assembly adopts Taiwan HIWIN and runs smoothly.

● The device can simultaneously satisfy the stretching of the honeycomb core with a pull ring and the common honeycomb core, and the pull ring needs to be bonded according to the position of the device pin.

● The stretching speed is adjustable.

● The stretch length can be set.

Funksional Şou

təsvir vahid BHM-EM-CA2200
Expanding system
Automatic pin type
Max unexpanded width mm 2200
Max expanded width mm 1650
Max expanded length mm 4000 after rebound
Expanded thickness mm 1-30
Max expand speed m / dəq 0-10
Ümumi gücü KW 1.5
Tezlik çevirici KW 1.5
Dimension mm 5000 * 2200 * 1400
çəki kg
Apply side length mm 4
Voltaj V / Hz 380 / 50
Motor(from TW)
tələbi kimi