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95-99 Grade High- efficient melt blown cloth intelligent production line

Place of Origin:Jiangsu Province, China
Brand Name:BEECORE
Packaging Details:Plywood case
Delivery Time:20-30 working days
Payment Terms:T/T, L/C

Product Description

Equipment configuration list

Part name

● 5000 Watt variable frequency motor
● Automatic suction machine
● Dryer
● Melt filter
● 650Imported 650 spinneret
● Screw
● Air heater
● High voltage electrostatic resident processor
● Traction fabric forming equipment
● Adsorption cooling system
● Hob cutting
● Automatic winder
● Complete machine control cabinet
● PLCPLC system

Remarks:Customers need to add silver needle, air compressor, vacuum calciner, ultrasonic cleaner machine, better use effect.

Process flow of melt blown non-woven fabric production line

Competitive Advantage

● Equipment characteristics

● Imported core components

● High automation program

● High production efficiency

● Intelligent operation


● Capacity:400-500kg/24h

● Installation time: 1-2 days

● Manufacturing cycle: 10 days

● Site requirements: 3mx10m

● Size: 2000x9000